• Databases & Non-Profits

    For many non-profit organisations, time spent on administration and dealing with "information inefficiencies" follows closely after "lack of funds" as the main reason given for not being able to really "go out there and make it happen".

    The inefficiencies range from simple things like finding someone's correct contact details to the rework, double handling and "investigation" associated with what should be/could be straightforward processes.

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  • Religious Institutes take to the Cloud

    The leaders and administrators of the institutes have to deliver on a strategy for the future, while juggling the multitude of day to day tasks “the present” imposes and at the same time not lose track of the past. - Often with limited budget and stretched resource

    The Good News - The institutes' database requirements, today's "global" technologies and the "not-for-profit support" from leading IT suppliers are aligning.

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  • Salesforce.com Foundation

    The Salesforce.com Foundation is based on a simple idea:

    Donate 1% of Salesforce.com’s resources to support organizations that are working to make our world a better place

    Donated and discounted Salesforce CRM licenses help nonprofits increase their data management and operational effectiveness so they can focus on their core missions

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